Here is traditional retailers own brand ! Garner




Garner: Aapka Apna Brand

While working on “Empowering transitional Kirana(Retail) store we observed something interesting, little disappointing from an angle but another angle  gave it an excitement. As every problem of retailer is a challenge and opportunity for us.

90% of retail products are sold by traditional retailers. Big companies earn huge from their sells.

But when we talk about

–    Pricing: Traditional retailers hardly get great margins are they are disintegrated. Traditional retailer doesn’t have negotiation power as they doesn’t have financial and scale muscles.  While modern retailers get great discount from companies because they are integrated hence looks big. Brand sometime take loss with modern retail as they see long term there. So what’s happening here a traditional retailer is indirectly fuelling the growth the competitor (Modern retailer). Hence there is need of a brand which promise single and fair price across market.

–   Supply reliability: While modern retail have supplier KPI, traditional retailer don’t have. Hence they don’t get great supply assurance. Great reliability issues making product un-availability a big concern for traditional retailers. There is need of a brand which promise supply reliability to traditional retailers.

–   Own brand: For basic staples and highest frequency items every modern retail have their own brands so that they have base product range dependency on themselves. Ensuring highest shelve availability at-least for daily essentials. So when every modern retailer have their own brand “Where is Traditional Retailers Own Brand?”

–   Exclusivity: Lot of new brand, SKU and promotions are offered to modern retail which give them advantage of exclusivity fuelling attraction of new customers towards modern retail. When 90% of sales is driven by traditional retailers there is no brand which offers exclusivity only with Kirana store so that they can attract/retain customers. There should be a brand which can promise exclusivity to traditional retailers

Current Brand & retailer relations are based towards fueling the modern retail growth. At ShopKirana we have to “Empower traditional retailers” hence we had to come up with some brand which can solve the key problem of supply, single pricing, exclusivity, and which can be “Retailer’s own brand”.

With this burning need followed with heated discussions and most importantly vision of “Empowering retailers” Garner has evolved.

Garner: Your own brand.(Aapka apna brand)

–          Exclusive: India’s first brand which will be sold exclusive at traditional retail stores,

–          Reliability: Promise 24 hour delivery and 100% fill rate. First time ever in the country.

–          Variety: Widest range of daily essentials under single brand.

garner promise

We are at day zero of empowering retailers..


Deepak K Dhanotiya

Co Founder| ShopKirana


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